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If you’re not familiar with a photography technique called the “Brenizer Method”, then I definitely encourage you take a look at it from the man himself, Ryan Brenizer. It’s a technique that allows you to achieve the appearance of a really wide lens with a ridiculously impossible shallow depth-of-field, by taking a bunch of photos […]

Ahh, shooting in direct, harsh and/or unflattering sunlight. One of everyone’s least favorite situations. I’ll be the first to admit that if I have a choice between putting a couple in harsh light, or putting them in open shade, 99% of the time I will avoid the harsh light. That being said, sometimes you just […]

I’ve posted a few newborn shoots lately and I thought it’d be fun to give a “behind the scenes” look into one of recent photos to show how it was set up and edited.  Newborn photography is a blast, and there are a ton of great photographers out there who are insanely great at it.  […]

I recently attended Heather Lahtinen’s Advanced Photoshop workshop.  If you haven’t visited Heather’s site or blog yet, do it…she’s awesome, and she’s as friendly and professional as she is talented.  I thought it might be useful to write a review on the workshop for other photographers thinking of attending, and even though Leeann Marie already […]