The Wedding Experience

Exquisite . Bold. Timeless

We may be a little biased here, but we believe that photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. After all the build-up and the excitement, after the day is over and you’re back from your honeymoon, the memories and the photos are what’s left. Our photos will allow you to relive one of the most special days of your lives, from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, to the teary-eyed vows, and of course grandma tearing it up on the dance floor. We’ll even capture the half-naked guy that runs through while you’re setting up for your ceremony (yes, this happened!).

Our style is crisp and colorful. Exquisite. Bold, modern, and creative, yet fun and most-importantly…timeless. We don’t believe in giving in to all the current fad (think vintage or tilted photos, Instagram-like filters, everything black & white except flowers, etc.) We want your grandchildren to look through your wedding album and appreciate how great you looked and the story of your wedding day, not the goofy style of photos. We take a candid and photojournalistic approach to many things (preparations, ceremony, reception, etc.), but we also provide a little direction so we can get some amazing photos. Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera (us included), so we use our experience and unique expertise (and hilarious sense of humor) to help create incredible images. Of course you’re going to look beautiful (or handsome!) on your wedding day which we’ll highlight, but we also want to capture how much fun you had. We believe amazing photographs are made with experience, beautiful light, and flattering posing. We will make you look incredible and tell the story of your day, all while providing a fun and laid-back experience.

We also offer the most beautiful wedding albums around. No, really…they’re awesome. We have partnered with Finao, who have set the standard for what your first family heirloom should be. We’d love to show you all of the amazing ways you can customize your album just for you, and with our gorgeous album designs you’ll be sure to treasure your album for many years to come.

Why weddings?
It’s the people – we love the anticipation, the excitement, and the energy, the emotions and the moments, and being able to capture these to tell your story is what we love. We feel so incredibly fortunate with each new bride and groom we get to work with that trust us to document the most important events in their lives. We can’t wait to work with you!

Why us?
Experience, unmatched quality, and level of service. Wedding days are stressful and often times things happen that weren’t planned. Your wedding will only happen once and you want photographers you can trust to capture your day beautifully regardless of what may happen. Rain? Awesome, let’s grab a few umbrellas and get unique images. Snow? Bring it…some of our favorite images were made in the snow. Time delays? We’ll deal…we’ve gotten some pretty amazing sets of photos in 10 minutes. No matter what, you and your photos will look amazing. Read what past clients have to say…

Now what?
Get a hold of us!! Our wedding collections begin at $3800 and include our signature coverage, professionally-edited high resolution digital photos, and reprint rights. To secure your date with us all we need is a signed contract and a $1000 retainer, which ensures we’re all yours on your wedding day. Contact us to check availability!

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exquisite - The Wedding Experience
bold - The Wedding Experience
timeless - The Wedding Experience